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Charlotte Williams
Calton Hill in Edinburgh
Born 16th October 1964
Passed away suddenly on 15th April 2020


Charlotte’s sons, John and Luke, would appreciate it if friends and family would share memories and photographs of Charlotte on this memorial page.

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Memories of Gwynne

  • Tony McCartney

    9th May 2020

    It’s just so sad that someone who was the salt of the earth should depart this world early. Having known Charlotte and the family from when she entered this world she was someone that held the respect of everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him. Charlie was always someone who would walk that extra 2 miles if she thought she could help someone and this world will be a sadder place following her untimely departure. My deepest condolences to Luke, John, and the family. May she rest in peace.

    Man in chair

    Charlie loved going to fishing conferences. She always had a slight smile on his face and I'd like to remember that. Here she is at a conference in 2008 listening to a speaker.

  • Phil Dabid

    9th May 2020

    I had the pleasure of working with Charlie in the Laboratory and trained her on particle size analyser. Nearly every morning she had to log into the computer with her password. After getting it wrong the computer would beep—which I could hear. I would ask 'everything ok?'—Charlie 'yes yes' was the reply—so after the 5th attempt I would tell her the password. This went on for months—every morning 'beep, beep, beep, beep'. You may be thinking passwords are not easy to remember …Charlie's password was Charlie123. Rest in peace Charlie.

  • Reuben Hammond

    8th May 2020

    I had the pleasure to work with Charlie building the Home Farm access tracks. Charlie always had a kindness about her, and what struck me as an open-minded fascination with life. Our conversation in the tea breaks stretched from the merits of the Fordson Super Major to the likelihood of life on other planets! Charlie will be sorely missed and always remembered.

  • Helena Anaisha

    8th May 2020

    For so many years Charlotte has been such a vital part of setting up a temporary processing centre for collecting, checking and sending shoe-box gifts for children in need through Operation Christmas Child. She gladly responded to our call every year and transported many trailer loads of equipment to where ever it was required. She was always so willingly helpful and we will miss her greatly in this respect and would like to express our thanks on behalf of the organisation for all that Charlie contributed. Charlie was such a lovely, quiet and humble woman who we feel lucky and privileged to have known and spent time with. John and Luke, we are so sorry that you have lost a great mother far too early but we know these memories will stay with you forever.

  • Ralph Amoli

    8th May 2020

    I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Charlotte. My earliest memory of her goes back to 1974 when I went to teach at Scotty Comprehensive School and Charlie was a pupil in one of my classes. She was always a quiet, well behaved and attentive lady. It was a pleasure to teach her. I met Charlie again a few years ago when she used to help with the setting up of the warehouse for Operation Christmas Child. As a woman, she still demonstrated her quiet, gentle and humble nature. It was good to meet her each year since. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her. My wife and I extend our sincere sympathy to you all as a family.

    Black and white man

    This is a photo I took in Charlotte's first year of college. We were playing around with a new camera that I'd bought. She always did look great in a suit! Rest in peace, Charlie x

  • Alisha Jones

    8th May 2020

    Shortly after I met Charlotte, we went to Sunday dinner with her mum and I felt like I was home, such a wonderful lady who made me feel very welcome and of course we were regular visitors, chatting about the past and people we knew and of course Charlie’s boys. We loved those visits with his mum.

    One day when my car had died on me yet again, Charlotte offered to lend me her beloved Skip, her VW. She very seriously told me that it could not turn right. I believed her and worked out a ridiculous route to only turn left and showed it to her. The corners of her mouth started twitching and turned into a broad grin and her trademark Charlie laugh. How can you not love someone who does that? However, when she told me the windows don’t open, she really did mean it! She told me of times she had to exit car parks and had to get out the car and everyone was shouting at her ‘You can't leave your car there!’. She thought it hilarious and never bothered to explain to anyone. Charlotte never had to explain herself, she was happy as she was and I loved her so much for that. Going to miss you so much Charlie, sleep well xx

  • James Tilmore

    27th April 2020

    I am so lucky that I met Charlotte and spent the past 8 very happy years with her. The kindest, gentlest person who would do anything to help anyone. Charlotte and I shared a love of the countryside and spent many happy times at agricultural shows with Derbyshire and Oxfordshire being our favourites, spending many happy hours looking at the vintage tractors, watching the animals and enjoying breakfast. As long as we were surrounded by fields, trees and animals we were happy. Charlie loved trees and would tell me so much of her knowledge of them, which I loved hearing about.

    Charlie was always so proud of her sons, Luke and John and spoke of them always, enjoying all their achievements and successes in their lives. She loved going to farm sales with them and would often have to dash away to help out because a tractor or some other farm machinery wasn’t working. That was Charlotte all over, if she was needed, she would be there.

    Woman with baby

    Charlie as a kid with her mum, they had such a great connection! This moment was captured in the garden, we think it was her first birthday